Retro Modernist, the name, is a kind of word play. People today use the word modern to mean something new, ground breaking or progressive. I find it peculiar because Modernism ended in the 1940s, but somehow the term stuck around and we all use it that way. Modernism was a wonderful movement of innovation in many different fields: art, industry, cinema, music, literature and architecture. Retro Modernist is a blog about the best things from the 20th century, and how they’ve influenced the world we live in today.

We will explore art and culture, as well as tech and innovation from way back then. My goal is to inspire and show how much of the progress made today is owed to the 1900s. In some ways, sometimes I feel that we’ve gone backwards from what was advanced back then, but we’ll talk about that in a future post!


This blog is 100% human made. No AIs are being used to create “content”.